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The International Fair is our biggest fundraiser so we will need all hands on deck to assure its success and keep programs like Art, Music and Garden at Washington.

The following is the information for the International Fair Committee Descriptions. We need several volunteers to help within each committee. If you are able to help, please fill out the Volunteer form located HERE.

If you are interested in helping to get donations, please download the donation forms HERE (English and Spanish)

The committees are as follows (click on the title to learn more about the positions):

  1. Teacher Communication
  2. Promotions/Marketing
  3. Volunteers
  4. Prize Donations
  5. Food Coordination
  6. Facilities
  7. Auction/Prizes

Committee Leads
Robert Ellis/Bryan Brandow


  • Reach out to teachers at the staff meeting on and announce the 2018 International Fair to drum up teacher participation for the event
  • Additional focus will be on making sure that new teachers are aware of how the event is structured
  • Make teachers aware of process to recruit for parent help


Committee Lead
Brandie Newton


  • Promotional and marketing responsibilities as follows:
  • Distributing student packets
  • Save the Date postcards
  • Volunteer Signup Form
  • Donation Letter
  • Scheduling robocalls
  • Provide updates to PTA Facebook page and website
  • Create signage and posters (possibly reuse last year’s poster with date/sponsor revisions)
  • Print tickets
  • Distribute factoids to students
  • Discussed vendor options for printing materials
  • Provide poster design and signage
  • Assist with any required translations (resources our available for this)

Committee Lead
Maria Ponce


  • The role and responsibility of the volunteer committee is to recruit, organize and schedule volunteers
  • Discuss volunteer recruitment for the following roles:
    • Classroom Ambassadors (for teachers requesting help)
    • Ticket Sales
    • Prize assembly
    • Setup and Cleanup
    • Silent Auction
    • Raffle Table
    • Food Service

Committee Lead
Cecilia Jua/Lisa Takeuchi
(Donation request are in progress) – Help is needed for requesting donations


  • The role and responsibility of the prize donation committee is to solicit businesses for donation items for raffle prizes and/or silent auction as well as sponsorship for cash donors
  • The donor list from IF2017 will be utilized
  • Softcopy of donation letter will be provided to all committee members
    • Letter should be revised with your own personal contact information for follow up
  • Anyone can request donations so please feel free to reach out to vendors and businesses
  • Requests donations from PRBA and other Point Richmond businesses

Committee Lead
Cecilia Jauregui – Help is needed for requesting donations


  • The role and responsibility of the food coordinator is to identify, negotiate price and manage food vendors
  • Food setup will need tables/chairs from PRBA and/or PRAMM (PTA to provide a fully refundable deposit to PRBA)

Committee Lead
Eleanor Judd


  • The role and responsibility of the facilities committee is to prepare venue for event
  • Review and confirm final layout for the event
    • Areas
      • Ticket Sales
      • Classroom Displays
      • Raffle Prize
      • Silent Auction
    • Obtain WCCUSD facility permit at least 3 weeks before the event
  • Establish communication with custodial staff for pre and post event set up and clean up
    • Audio Visual equipment
      Stage lighting
      Extra trash receptacles

Committee Lead
Hope Walker


  • The role and responsibility of the auction/prize committee is to sort and organize prizes for raffle and silent auction
  • If you have any baskets you no longer want feel free to donate